Running a safe and successful camp is tough - we make it look easy

Handle state & local regulations

We maintain expert-level knowledge of legislative requirements to ensure all operations are safe and compliant.

Manage all sales and enrollment

We provide the platform to onboard camp families, collect info, payments, camp preferences, camper and parent contact details, and compliance and legal waivers

Deal with insurance

We maintain a comprehensive suite of insurance products that provide coverage for all camp operations, including partner organizations, staff, field/facilities, and campers.

Attract talent, manage staff

We handle the full-cycle recruitment, onboarding, background checks, training, management of seasonal staff for each camp site.

Secure amazing facility and sites

We scout and negotiate agreements with different locations to capitalize on fan base convenience and reach more of the target market.

Create the schedule of fun

We develop the policies, schedules, games, drills, varied activities that are in line with your brand to improve campers’ abilities in a fun and brand focused way.

Extend your brand in new ways

We personalize games/activities/prizes to represent your brand values. We make custom pins, stickers, giveaways, and develop daily brand ambassadors.

Maintain safety protocols

Collect camper health history information: allergies, learning disabilities, etc., staff certified EMTs at all campsites to manage medical needs throughout the day, supply all medical kits, and care training to site staff.

Warehouse all the stuff

We manage the logistics of procuring and storing all items for campers, staff, and camp facilities necessary for successful camp programming.

Champion camper experience

We handle customer care before, during and after camp. We manage additional logistical planning, billing, authorized grown up approval, buddy requests, division changes, complaints or issues with uniform.

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