Despite never being the best player on the field, Kevin valued grit, determination, and resilience from a young age. Eventually, Kevin was a three-sport varsity athlete who went on to be captain of his college baseball team at Fordham University.Now, Kevin uses that passion to help thousands of children and staff each summer to foster a sense of inclusion, self-improvement, and determination.

In 2012, Kevin founded Rally. The goal? Simple: teach indelible life skills and foster fun experiences through sports and other activities during the times that children are out of school.Kevin always learned the most from coaches and mentors, outside of school, and believes that summer camps, and sports, are an essential teacher of life’s most important lessons.

Outside of work, Kevin serves as the Education Chair on the board of the California Collaboration for Youth, enjoys time at the beach with his two young daughters, and contributes as an Athletic board member at Fordham University, his alma mater.  

Kevin and his wife, Laura, are active in several charitable organizations in California that make a meaningful impact supporting disadvantaged children.