Katherine holds a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from Cornell University, and has been in the Hospitality Industry since the age of 14. Previously she was a Manager with Four Seasons Denver and spent a year as hospitality manager for international interns at an NGO in India focused on women's empowerment and sustainability. She started with Rally in 2015 as a seasonal customer experience intern. Katherine’s camp experience includes being a counselor in middle school for the local parks and rec (nickname: Elmo), along with a year-long experiential education program in high school with backpacking, hiking, and wilderness medicine. Interests are cooking, traveling, flower arranging, dancing, yoga, and hiking. 

Fun Fact: Katherine went bungee jumping in New Zealand at age 12!

Why I Rally: Creating exceptional experiences for all ages brings me joy. Socialization is so important for kids, and getting them out of their comfort zone, into a fun and active environment is the best way. I'm grateful to help create these experiences through our camps!